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Our exceptional lines and mesh offer customers

Additionally, while Waterproof Fabric Manufacturers is underway, to make this easy for our customers, both companies will operate with business as usual through the transition.  — June 29, 2017 — Top Value Fabrics has announced the acquisition of Pacific Coast Fabrics.”

Posted  June 29, 2017Source: Top Value Fabrics., formed a new company to supply high quality textile goods.CARMEL, Ind. Brian was elected president and Michael was elected vice president.

As pressures continue to intensify for customers to consistently raise the standard, access to this incredible depth of textile options with one supplier will enhance the customer experience. in 1987. As of November 1, 2017, we will unite and operate as one Top Value Fabrics.“TVF is known throughout the industry for outstanding customer service and quality products, and the Pacific Coast Fabrics team shares that same dedication to the customer,” explained Chris Fredericks, president,

Top Value Fabrics. Pacific Coast Fabrics was established in Gardena, Calif.“Both teams are comprised of tenured fabric experts who understand that our customers’ success is our success,” shared Karen Stuerenberg, marketing director, Top Value Fabrics.“Our exceptional lines of fabrics, vinyl and mesh offer customers an unprecedented selection of quality fabric options for markets including activewear apparel, signage and advertising, and more,” said Robert Hinsch, vice president, Top Value Fabrics. “

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